Erratic and seemingly random screen distortion

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Greetings, I purchased a CLUB3D Radeon R9 270 Royalqueen 955GHZ 2GB 5.6GHZ around May 2014 from NCIX Canada and have recently been experiencing random screen distortion in which vertical or horizontal lines appear across the screen in a strange array of colors. I’ve tried switching out different hardware components and using a different monitor and have basically isolated it as the GPU being the culprit. Strangely, it is completely erratic with no notable pattern and appears maybe 2x every 3 days or so. It isn’t necessarily during an intensive game, but can also occur just simply being on the desktop. After force restarting the computer everything returns to normal. No, I have not fiddled with settings, OCed or done anything above and beyond installing it.

Here is what happened the other day, but it can sometimes be different colors or horizontal lines instead.

I reached out to the place I purchased it from, NCIX Canada, as it was my understanding they were to handle RMAs with you guys, but they responded…

Sorry, it would seem that Club3D has yet to update their webpage. In regards to the warranty, it would be covered by Club3D. Contact information is below:[email protected] – to obtain RMA numbers.
[email protected] – to follow up on RMA and/or any questions regarding your RMA.

I’m not sure if that’s an honest response or if this will turn into a round about situation where people point fingers at one another. In any case, I’d appreciate any assistance you can provide me as I haven’t emailed that address provided, yet.

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Hi there!
We apologize the inconvenience caused.
Please send a mail to [email protected] with the serial number of the graphics card and please attach the invoice. We will provide you the RMA number and instructions to return the card for service.
Thank you for your support.

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