Flickering and freezing

Updated on 17-12-2020 in MST Hub
2 on 10-12-2020

I am trying to use my Club 3D MST 4 way display port splitter. It works, for a bit. Then screen starts to flicker, and eventually the graphic interface just stops working. It goes black, then on with no mouse or KB. If I unplug the splitter – everything returns to normal. I believe the issue is that the splitter is old, my computer new and that I’m sending DP 1.4 to a 1.2 device…..But this is a guess. No drivers of course.  Unit appears in device manager (w10pro 64 bit). The graphics card is a GTX 1070. A confirmation or explanation most appreciated.

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1 on 16-12-2020

Not a single response. Useless forum. I don’t know why I would bother buy another Club 3D product if there is nowhere to get support.


on 17-12-2020

HI MikeKay,

What resolutions are you trying to get? Max is 4x 1920×1080 @ 60Hz. Also, just checking, all your cables are working I geuss?

Even tho your GTX 1070 is DP1.4 the DP1.2 of the MST should not be a problem. As the GTX1070 DP1.4 is downwards competiable. Just note that the MST hub will only send out signals of DP1.2.



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