Graphic artifacts when turned on 4k / 120hz. Please help.

2 on 27-12-2020

Hi, I have a connected pc with RTX 2070 Super graphics card for TV LG Oled B9 SLA. After buying the adapter, it worked fine for the first month. Then after updating the drivers for the graphics card, it stopped detecting TV as 120hz. Forcing me to only handle at 60hz. I went into the card settings and created a non-standard graphics setting: 3840×2160 / 120hz. This results in the appearance of color banding. Graphics drivers are: 460.89. TV drivers: 05.00.10. All the latest. The cable after the adapter is Reinston Hdmi 2.1, which is 2.5 meters long. What could be the problem?

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1 on 28-12-2020

Hi Kinpooge,

Nvidia drivers are the problem not the adapter.

I believe 456.55 are the last drivers that works with the adapter.

There are many users on the internet experiencing the same issue you have.

Not much Club-3D can do here.


on 28-12-2020

Hi, ok. Thank you 😀

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