GTX670 with LG 50″ 4k tv

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1 on 28-12-2018

I am using my GTX670 card thru HDMI and getting 4k @30fps (the limits of the HDMI on the card).  My DP on the card supports 4k@60fps.  I purchased the CAC-1080.  When I just plug it in, I get no signal.  I did try to make a custom resolution (per another post on this website).  Still no signal.  What am I doing wrong?

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0 on 28-12-2018

Hi JBolender 123,

we would need to have more information to be able to offer support. Can you please send a mail to [email protected] 

Have you updated latest nvidia drivers? Please specify

Custom resolution did you lower monitor resolution to 59Hz?

Have you disabled HDR on windows?

Latest windows update? please specify.

Can you specify which PSU you are using? 



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