Has Anyone used Samsung Q900r at 8k@60fps?

4 on 01-10-2020


I am somewhat perplexed, and trying to separate issues to get to the core problem

I just bought a Xeon Server from Dell.

It came equipped with NVidia RTX Quadro 4000 display card. 

I bought the Club-3d CAC-1085 and the Club-3d Ultra High speed HDMI 10k 120hz 2 meter cabling based upon recommendations from several web posters. The CAC-1085 even shows the NVIDIA RTX Quadro 4000 as one of their tested and approved cards on its box.

All of this expensive hardware is to work on a Samsung Q900 8k monitoring system.

The NVIDIA card will get 4k, 3840×2160@60fps as part of my drop down menu for resolutions.

My desktop for the Xeon machine, shows on the Samsung Q900 but at 4k resolution.

The NVIDIA is using 456.38 firmware. (This is the most recent version available according to NVIDIA).

The CAC-1085 has been upgraded to firmware version 1.03 .


Here is one of my BIG concern– The ONE CONNECTION BOX that comes with the Samsung Q900.

In this YouTube video, Vincent Teoh, or @Vincent_Teoh, of ”HDTV Test“ Feb 17, 2019, has mentioned the First GEN Q900’s One Connection BOX does NOT Accurately Support HDMI 2.1 He claims Samsung Q950R have a One Connect Box that does support HDMI 2.1 at 8k resolution and 60 fps frame rates. He said this at 3:55 to 4:01 on the Video.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8kK29l5InE

>>>HAS anyone been successful using the Samsung Q900r at 8k (7680 x 4320) @ 60  FPS???<<<

Please respond and tell me how you are doing it?

Calvin Ogawa

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1 on 04-10-2020

Hi , i have a Samsung Q950R TV and using a RTX 2080Ti with CAC1085 and 8K@60Hz doesnt work for me. It is displayed to me in the driver dialog but if i choose it i get a black screen or the resolution change to 8K@60Hz will be simply ignored.


My experience with this adapter is generally horrible, 90 % instability. Firmware update is installed.

You should stop wasting your time with this adapter, send it back.

on 07-10-2020

Couple questions i have to ask. 

Is the One Connect Box you have for you current Samsung Q900 been upgraded or been exchanged for the HDMI 2.1 inputs?

Did you use Club 3-d HDMI 2.1 cabling? 

And was it less than 2 meters (6 feet)?

Samsung has jumped the GUN with regards to claiming 8k @ 60fps capability when they announced at 2019 CES they were going to HDMI 2.1– They WERE NOT going to use what is an ad hoc NHK standard called QUAD 8k (Which is 4 x 4k HDMI-2.0a/b using for all four HDMI port–i’d actually preferred that !!!— All of Samsung competitors, Sharp, Sony, and even LG, uses this quad 8k standard!) . Samsung FINALLY GOT it’s HDMI 2.1 Certification Late DEC 2019. WHY Samsung did not offer the Q900r able to do Quad 8k rather than making people prepay in advance for vapor ware and promises of “trust us” BS. is beyond me. I got caught in their scam cause i saw 4 HDMI connectors and assume they were doing Quad  8k. I mean– for all i know, they might had this setup on this ONE CONNECT BOX and it’s probably a DIP SWITCH or Firmware mod… BUT THE SAMSUNG TECH SUPPORT people JUST SUCK! (Long story, including their phone support people saying i should use WIFI to get 8k@60fps... Right !! I just only need 4,370 WIFI connections simultaneously to get possible 8k signal.)  

Tomorrow i will find out if they got their act together and have true 8k @60fps HDMI 2.1 port. on the ONE CONNECT BOX.  What is weird. I can see using the CLUB 3-d CAC1085 and Club 3d HDMI 2.1 cabling, HDMI 2.1 with a 4k@60FPS (3840 x2160) on 3 of the 4 HDMI connectors. I can see HDMI 2.0, 1920×1080 @ 60FPS on ALL 4 HDMI ports. I cannot get 8k anything on that 4th HDMI port that their MANUAL claims is how it should be done. 

I can generate (actually shoot) 8k@ 60fps sound synch material and even do 8k animation –3-d and 2-d — with my elderly setup  using Gen 6 i7 with MSI GTX 970. windows 10 machine.  IT is just not a very fast proposition. I am able to create the Compressed MP4 files that i can see on the Q900 with 8k @60fps with full sound synch. 

I know The Samsung Q900r can do 8k @ 60fps in sound synch… BUT Doing it in REAL TIME, well.. that is something i will find out tomorrow. 


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1 on 18-01-2021

I have a Samsung Q900 and I have successfully connected it at 7680 x 4320 @ 60 hz

I have attached a screenshot showing the result in msinfo32 and nvidia control panel. It works great.

on 04-03-2021

Any chance you have time to show how you did it, did you use CRU to add it, a small simple text step by step guide would be nice
thank you

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