HDMI 2.0 Output to HDMI 1.2 Audio Input

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I have a 2.0 blu-ray player and a 2.0 projector.  My audio processor’s input is HDMI 1.2 and will not produce sound when it receives an HDMI 2.0 signal.  Will any of these adapters allow me to convert a 2.0 signal to 1.2 for my audio processor?

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Hi Stanhirsh,
We do not have an adapter that is designed for that purpose.
There’s no option to send out sound separate ?
And what Audio Processor ar you talking about, is that like a separate receiver ?

on 29-09-2016

Specifically I have a Lexicon MC-12HD surround sound preamplifier.  This is a high end piece of equipment whose technology has become dated and offers no upgrade path.  It is capable of accepting combined audio/video HDMI input, processing the audio and passing video to a display through its HDMI output.  

The problem began when I upgraded to a 3D capable blu-ray player and 4k enabled projector.  The unit is unable to process and switch HDMI 1.4 signal.  I thought I had a solution when I bought a 4K 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher with EDID management.  I plugged my blu-ray player into input 1, connected the projector to output 1 and the Lexicon to output 2.  When I assigned the input 1 EDID setting to either 3D pr 4k, I got a great picture on the projectpr but no sound.  When I assigned a 1080P EDID setting to input 1, I got sound but no 3D or 4K images on the projector (just 1080P).  I don’t know enough about the EDID handshake to fully understand why the Lexicon cannot handle the more advanced HDMI protocols.  I suspect it simply cannot handle the extra data and speed, but I don’t believe the resolution requires splitting the audio/video input into pure audio.  

Any ideas?

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