HDMI display on/off via DisplayPort adapter?

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Potentially similar to https://insights.club-3d.com/thread/displayport-1-2-to-hmdi-2-0-4k-screen-doesnt-wake-up-after-sleep-mode/
I would like my HDMI display to sleep when my computer does, and wake when it does as well. As far as I can see, this would require either a DisplayPort aux to HDMI conversion of CEC information or the adapter itself to output CEC commands.i have the CAC-1070 and thus the underlying PS176 chip, which does support this functionality [at least from its spec sheet].

So is this possible?

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4 on 02-12-2016

Hi Variable,

Yes that should be possible, but i think you will need to have a DP1.3 output on the PC System …
DisplayPort Receiver Capability Supports CEC-Tunneling-over-AUX as per DP 1.3 Standard

on 04-12-2016

I do, it is an RX480, so it should support DP 1.3.

on 05-12-2016

then you should be good to go …

on 06-12-2016

Is it possibly that Windows 10 does not support output of CEC commands upon wake/sleep? Have you had this working? 


on 07-12-2016

did not test that here no

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