HDMI to displayport female 1.4?

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2 on 17-10-2019

Hi hello. I was wondering if there is a active cable that is like that. Reason why is I want to buy one so I can play my Nintendo Switch on the Wacom mobile studio pro 16. I had a converter box from SIIG that was giving me problems but I was able to use it to active my N.Switch on the Wacom.

I have looked everywhere & I only see a lot of love for mini DP to HDMI. I don’t understand why those are not bi-directions as it would solve my problem. But it seems no one is making that now? If anyone knows where I can find one that has a DP female end 1.4 I would appreciate it.

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1 on 17-10-2019


HDMI to DP1.4 is not in the market because these are different conversions. as far as i know Club-3D is working on a solution. currently it is still in the research phase.


on 17-10-2019

Thanks. Good to hear they are taking care of things. I just hope we can see it maybe before this year ends. If not then maybe some time in 2020 I guess.

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