Help connecting 2018 Mac Mini to older 30″ apple monitor

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I purchased the

USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C to Dual Link DVI-D HDCP OFF

so that I could use my old 30″ Apple monitor that requires DVI in.  I need two things, a clear STEP BY STEP of how the two are connected.  There is the monitor, the mac mini and the power block that is permanently attached to the 30″ monitor.  Plugging the DVI in was easy, with the other end, a usb3 style connecter plugged into the mac mini.  I plugges the USB and from the power block into the mac mini as well.  I have the monitors power block plugged in and the monitor power light is on.  But no picture. 

I get a little confused when I see words about switching the mac mini to display port mode, or using a display port mode adapter.  I thought this piece from CLUB was all I needed.  I can’t see how to attach photos but I can always do so if someone will help.

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0 on 08-05-2023

You only need the USB connection if you want to use the USB ports of the display or if you want brightness control from the keyboard to work.

I think my USB port is broken so I leave it unconnected. I can use Monitor Control instead to control brightness (set Brightness DDC max in the preferences advanced settings to 255 so you get the full range).

The Mac mini 2018 only supports two displays. I suppose you don’t have any other displays connected?

The Power block needs to be near the Mac mini so you can connect the display’s power connector to it and the display’s DVI connector to the CAC-1510-A.

What year is the 30″? Newer versions can work with the HDCP ON adapter. You can update the firmware of the HDCP OFF so it behaves as HDCP-ON by getting the firmware updater from [email protected]

But before changing the firmware. Do screen sharing to the Mac mini, install SwitchResX. In SwitchResX, verify that the current display mode is 1280×800@60Hz or 2560×1600@60Hz. Double click the resolution to verify the active pixels.

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