How many displays can you connect to a R7 260X?

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We often get this question on how many displays you can configure on the R7 260X series.
Here is the answer;
1. You can connect 3 displays 2x DVI + 1x HDMI without using active adapters.
2. You can connect 4 displays by using 2x DVI + 1x HDMI + 1x DisplayPort (DisplayPort display required)*
*If you do not have a DisplayPort Display you must use an active adapter
3. You can connect to a maximum of 6 displays by using a MST Hub via the DisplayPort output
MST Hubs are DP++, if you require a conversion from DisplayPort to HDMI for example, you can use a passive adapter
Club 3D recommends the CSV-5300A MST Hub 1-3 DisplayPort or the CSV-5300H MST Hub 1-3 HDMI 

What is your configuration?

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1 on 25-12-2014

I own 3 R7-260X’s.  I have to say it is a great little card that is very capable of running the newest games at very playable settings… from medium to maximum, with excellent framerates.  My 10 year old son and I use the R7-260X’s for single monitor 1080p gaming.  Recently I won an R9-285 from AMD… they were doing a Twitch livestream, and they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary of Mantle.  While taking tech questions from the gaming public, they were also doing a contest during the Twitch stream… I won it.
     So anyways, I ended up with an extra R7-260X that just sat on the desk unused… I installed the R9-285 in my desktop, my sons current desktop now runs Crossfired R7-260X’s.  For Christmas 2014 I put the extra card into the new desktop I built for my son to put in his bedroom… this new system uses the new FX-8320E, R7-260X, and 8GB DDR3.
     Yeah we love gaming, and we really like AMD products… great performance, with a price that doesn’t leave us feeling ripped off.  Here is the picture of the Christmas present I built for my son… he’s gonna be so happy today!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

on 25-12-2014

This is the before picture –

*next upgrade… the Club GPU if we win the contest today.

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0 on 26-12-2014

Nice information Paul

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