HOW to setup 12 monitors with 3 mst hubs (4x dp)

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Hi there,

I am really stuck with this. I have a Gigabyte R390G1 with 3 DP1.2 ports and to that 3 mst-hubs with 4DP outputs.The displays are connected to a ACTIVE DP to HDMI converter. When i run this configuration i only get 6 displays to work. I can only select 6 in the eyefinty group selection. Where can i get some info how to set this up correctly. The company who sold me this configuration is stating that it should work.

Hope that someone can help me?


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Good day aitbenelux,

Sorry for the late reaction.
You can feed 4 screens at 1080p 60Hz thru a single DP1.2 output using and MST Hub, that part is correct. However i am quite sure that the Graphics card does not support more than 6 screens max. So if you want to connect 12 screens, you would need at least 2 Graphics Cards.

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