HP 8570p with DP1.2, no split screen on MST5400?

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5 on 18-03-2015

Hi all,

After research i came to the conclusion to buy an 5400. My HP 8570p notebook supports displayport 1.2, thus it should work. (http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c03565466-1.pdf).

After connecting the MST, i connect one display using DVI and one display using a displayport to VGA adapter (active conversion). What happened was that only one monitor showed up in Windows and the other monitor became a mirror of this monitor.

I’m guessing the problem could be active converters to VGA, on the other hand: might my laptop be not sufficient? It has an intel HD4000 display chipset. Nowhere is it absolutely clear if this chipset supports multi-lane displayport. Looking at the intel documentation (https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/quick-reference-guide-to-intel-processor-graphics) it appears at most 3 monitors are supported on the HD4000. Yet the limit seems to be two.

My questions:
1: does my laptop support the MST5400 at all?
2: are active converters to VGA not supported? (does the MST know this at all)
3: do i need active converters to VGA, or are there passive ones where the MST converts the signal?
4: did i forget to install certain drivers, control panels or other stuff?


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1 on 18-03-2015

After reading the intel website, having no AMD Radeon™ HD 7570M inside the machine, it will not support 4 displays via the MST. I’ve returned the product and will resort to displaylink adapters. 

If there are any other suggestions that might prevent these kinds of misunderstandings, please respond 🙂

on 18-03-2015

Hi Stitch,
Most GPU vendors and their partners do not state clearly how many displays the device can use, in fact most people do not know that AMD Radeon cards depending on the model can drive up to 6 displays. Nvidia GPUs can drive up to 4 in most cases.
On INTEL GPU is also a mystery unless you check carefully.
Avoiding this issue is quite difficult as well. For example some vendors can provide a GPU that can handle 6 displays but they can easily limit this feature as it is not in their interest to provide such support. 

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0 on 18-03-2015

Hi Stitch,

Please find the list of Intel graphics and the number of supported displays here

Note that the HD 4000 from our internal testing it can only support 2 independant displays. If you place a MST Hub on each DP port it will clone the displays. On the HD 4600 or HD 5K series we have tested and it works with 3 independent displays.

1. If your laptop use the Intel HD 4000 you will not be able to drive 4 independent displays
2. The MST Hub is a DP++ device, active or passive converters will work on the MST Hub
3. No, you do not need active converters. For the VGA is a very different story as the conversion needs to be active. For DVI, HDMI passive converters are ok to use on the MST
4. No, it does not require drivers.

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1 on 25-03-2018

i also has 8570p with intel 4000,
two dell u2412 and CSV-5300A.

two dell monitor work fine, one at DP and second at VGA port.
i want use DP+DP, but with CSV-5300A – work only screen mirror.

probably in intel 4000 too old DP version.

on 26-03-2018

Hello carver,

Although intel HD4000 does support 3 screens max, or 2 external screens plus the notebook screen, please do check if the DP output on the Notebook is DP 1.2 spec.
I think Intel only started with DP1.2 supprot from Haswell HD 4600 onwards and DP 1.2 is needed for support of MST.

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