I am using club 3d adapter hdmi to DisplayPort on my Xbox series x to get 120 frames.

1 on 23-01-2022

I got this club 3d adapter to get 120 hz on my Xbox series x. It is compatible and my Xbox now says it displays 120 frames. My question is would I get better quality from a 4 k montor running at 1080p and 120 fps? Or am I good with this cable. I want the best performance at 1080p 120 hz for gaming, thanks!

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0 on 24-01-2022

You got the CAC-1085 working on an Xbox series X? Very interesting as Xbox only has HDMI. This adapter only supports DisplayPort to HDMI.

If you want to game on 1080P 120FPS I recommend to purchase.


You won’t increase the quality if you get a 4K monitor running at 1080P 120Hz.

However if you get a 4K120Hz screen you will need a certified HDMI cable like the https://www.club-3d.com/en/detail/2460/ultra_high_speed_hdmi_4k120hz_8k60hz_certified_cable_48gbps_m-m_2_m_-_6.56_ft/

No need for an adapter then.

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