I get no display to either monitor.

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3 on 30-06-2017

I have a ASUS Q504UAK laptop with a USB-c port. I bought the MST Hub USB-C to HDMI 1.4 dual monitor.

I get the following error message DisplayPort/MHL connection might not work. Try using a different cable. <a href="https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4012609/windows-10-fix-usb-c-problems#connectionlimited”>https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4012609/windows-10-fix-usb-c-problems#connectionlimited

I have download from ASUS the Thunderbolt driver and nothing shows up as attached devices.

What is the next step to getting the display port to work?

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2 on 30-06-2017

Good day glstephens08,

To be able to send a video signal over an USB type C output, this output needs to support Displayport Alternate (Alt) Mode. Please check if the Notebook has such support for the USB C output.

on 30-06-2017

I am having trouble setting the Alt Display mode. I don’t see an option for this in Widows 10 for my system. So if you have no other suggestion I will return this item.

on 03-07-2017

Hi glstephens08,

Sorry i was not more clear.
I do not think your notebook can do it, because i could not find any info on it on the Asus website.
To be able to send a video signal over USB C ouput the notebook needs to support Displayport Alt Mode over the USB C port. If that technology is not build in (hardware wise), it will not work. This is not something you can just add later or fix with software. 
So please cehck with Asus if the USB output on the notebook support Displayport Alternate Mode.

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