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8 on 20-12-2016

Hello to all,
We are writing from Italy and wanted to buy your product

we have seen that you can purchase it from Amazon here:

The two products have the same CSV-5200 code, but they have different colored boxes (on your site the box is white, while on amazon is black). My doubt is that on your website it says that the signal is transmitted in 4K and 2K on a monitor on two monitors at once, while at Amazon it says it is full HD.

It confirmed that it is the same product and that is 4K?

Thank you so much

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0 on 20-12-2016

Hello my3D,

The White with Red box is the new packing, where the back verison is the “old”,bu thte product CSV-5200 indeed is the same.
Max Resolution for 1 screen = 3840 x 2160p at 60Hz
Max Resolution for 2 screens = 2560 x1600 at 60Hz
A CSV-5200 can do stream cloning. meaning it can copy a single video signal 4K60Hz to 2 different outputs, but it will be the same signal (mirror) only.

Hope that clears it up for you.

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5 on 03-01-2017


We purchased the product you recommended. Unfortunately nothing works. Not only it does not connect in 4K, but no monitor receives signal.

How can we solve that?

we have an iMac 27 with AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB + 1 monitor
LG 27UD58P + 1 monitor Samsung S32D850T

Thank you so much for your help !

on 05-01-2017

wow on a MAC … which OS are you running ?

on 05-01-2017

Yes, My OS is Sierra 10.12.2 !

on 09-01-2017

i was afraid of that a bit already  🙁
We hear many issues with setups wrking fien un El Capitain but not under Sierra.
Can you check on the firmware of the CSV-5200 please (shold be on the sticker on one of the cables).

on 09-01-2017
Hello, I bought this:
Where can I find the firmware? In the box there is nothing. I have only 2 cables.

on 10-01-2017

i will have [email protected]  send you an email

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0 on 13-01-2017

We have
written to your support, but continue to answer us and to give us solutions for windows, while we have mac.

if we can not have a solution by 16 January, we have to give back your product because it does not work.

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