Issue with CAC-1010 adapter

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Recently I bought a CAC-1010 DP-DVI adapter, so I could run 144Hz on my old BenQ XL2411Z monitor with GTX 1660. I connected everything, but now my monitor show 1280×1024 as max possible resolution and it don’t even work at 144Hz, it’s still 60Hz. I’m very confused as it made everything worse since I can’t even use my native resolution.

Any ideas what could cause that? 
Thank you.

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1 on 27-08-2023

The CAC-1010 is directly connected to your GPU?

Update drivers?

If that doesn’t work, then maybe try Custom Resolution Utility (CRU).


on 27-08-2023

Yes, I believe it’s all connected correctly. Monitor to adapter through DVI-D cable, adapter to GPU and USB. Cable is 100% good, I used it all the time before getting adapter.

I checked drivers with ‘Driver Easy’ program, it only show that some Realtek drivers are missing, I dont think it could cause the issue. All GPU drivers are up to date, updated my Windows too.

Already tried CRU, after setting Full HD (tried with both 60Hz and 144Hz) and restarting GPU drivers, it’s restarting with 1280×1024 anyway, didnt work.

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