Issues CAC-1051 – ASUS VG278H for 3D Vision & Screen Flashing while PC powered off

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I need help regarding some issues with CAC-1051.
I bought it recently since changing graphic card for a recently one without DVI output.
I tryed yesterday to activate 3D Vision on ASUS VG278H monitor and got following issue/message:
“use a DVI Dual Link Cable (delivered with monitor)”
It’s obviously what I’m doing.
After this message, a got difficulties to recover screen correctly without a reboot.
Moreover, I got an other issue while PC is powered off.
Monitor still detect video output and get grey flashes every five seconds.
My USB are still powered while PC is shut down.
Is it possible to stop this without modifying this setting?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kind regards.
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Nobody can help?

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Hello Rafzila,

May I ask what kind of video card you are using at the moment? are you running windows 10?

It is possible that either the drivers for the card, update for windows or new firmware for the cac-1051 is needed. preferebly update all above

for me to determine where the problem could occure i really need above information, you could also send the question with the information requested to [email protected]

Kind regards

on 10-04-2019


Thank you for your help.
I’m using a RTX 2080 ti (drivers updated).

And I’m running in Windows 10, yes.

In fact I want to update CAC-1051 drivers but I don’t know how tu use the tool to flash the adapter.
I found the Dropbox where files are located but don’t know how to proceed.

Regarding e-mail, I already sent my question few days ago.

I’m waiting for an answer on it.

Kind regards.

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additional you could run a dxdiag on your system and send the outcome to [email protected]

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