Issues with CAC-1376 and 3080 Ti on LG OLED C9

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I’m trying to find a solution to get HDMI 2.1 working on my OLED C9 with my new Gigabyte 3080 Ti. I’ve tried the CAC-1376 but it didn’t work. I didn’t even get 4k 60Hz and HDR. Everything that goes beyond 4k 60Hz results in the loss of signal. I’ve used a similar HDMI 2.0 cable with my previous card a 2080 Ti and that worked flawlessly with 4k 60 Hz and HDR. But the new gpu doesn’t manage even that with either the old cable or the CAC-1376. I’ve suspected the gpu might be the issue but I don’t really know, I’ve also contacted Gigabyte and am here now to maybe find someone who might have the same or similar setup/issue and could provice some help. I feel pretty lost having spend all this money on an upgrade that feels more like a downgrade right now.

Thanks in advance!

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1 on 05-08-2021

Hi so the HDMI cable that was able to do 4K60Hz on the TI2080 gives you the same problem with RTX3080TI? That seems an issue with the GPU – what is the PSU that you are using? 


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