Late 2013 27″ iMac – 4k60Hz Possible?

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5 on 15-05-2017

I have looked through the postings but I haven’t seen anyone specifically mention this model.  I currently have a non-Club3D DP to HDMI 2.0 adapter but the best I can achieve is 4k30Hz.  My iMac has the quad core i7 along with the GTX780M…would one of the Club3D adapters get me to 60Hz?

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4 on 17-05-2017

Hi Bullzie, that would depend on what outputs you have on your system.
Thundebolt 1 for video signal is the same as Displayport 1.1a which does not have enough bandwodth for 4K 60 Hz signal …

So please please check if your system cna actually output 4K 60Hz … because i think not

on 17-05-2017

It is Thunderbolt 1.  Ok, at least now I know to quit looking for a solution.


on 17-05-2017

We never stop looking for solutions at Club3D !
However this CAC-1070 Adapter is not your solution to achieve 4K 60Hz.
Your iMac has USB 3.0 ports right ?

on 17-05-2017

Yes.  I saw your USB 3 solution but it looked like it only did 4K 30Hz.

on 18-05-2017

True you saw that correct.
However if we can test your patience a bit than we will be able to offer you something you might not have seen yet …

or CSV-1477:

These products will work on any Host System with USB 3.0 port also MAC, and will enable you to connect 2 x 4K Screen at 60Hz to those systems !
Product are expected to become available second half of June.
Pricing should be about 100,- USD end-user without VAT for both.

This way you can use your system for years to come wihtout missing out on the new 4K screens at 60Hz 🙂

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