Mac Book Pro 16 M1 – Cinema Display 30

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7 on 17-01-2023

The Club 3D Dual Link DVI-D HDCP OFF adaptor, cannot find the Apple Display 30″.

The Macbook pro 16″ M1 has VENTURA 13.1.

Tested on all USB-C ports. Connected the monitor USB cable to a D-Link Hub, with and without power.

Connected the monitor USB cable directly to an iPhone charger

I can not see the 30″ in the displays settings

The 30″ Apple HD display is alive on my old MacBook pro 15.

Please advice

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5 on 17-01-2023

Verifying with you:

The adapter is the CAC-1510-A?

The adapter does work on the old MacBook Pro 15 but not on the new MacBook Pro M1?

Do you have any other displays connected to your M1? If yes please disconnect the other display and try again with the adapter.

on 17-01-2023

Hi Baak. Thank you for the immediate response

The adapter is CAC-1510-A , which arrived today from

the old MacBook pro 15 does not need an adapter. The display is connected directly to the miniDV port of the mac. I just mentioned it to confirm that the display is working.

I do not have other displays


on 17-01-2023

Connected the monitor USB cable directly to an iPhone charger. This is not needed right? You’ll need the normal power plug from the Cinema Display in order to power up. The adapter does not provide power. Just double checking :)!


There could be an issue with the firmware, where the ON firmware is loaded onto the adapter.

Please reach out to [email protected] for the possible firmware update.

Mind you, you’ll need a windows PC/notebook for this update. But they will say that too.

on 17-01-2023

I connected to the charger just to test if It needed extra power. Because when the display is connected to the old MacBook pro it needs both the mini dv and the USB cables connected.

I will check the firmware.

I suppose I will be able to update the firmware through windows Parallels VM

Thank you


on 27-01-2023

The problem was solved by replacing the adapter from Amazon with a new one.

Five stars to Club-3d Support. 


on 30-01-2023

Happy to read it’s been solved!

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0 on 28-01-2023

The USB-A connector of the Apple 30″ Cinema HD Display is the the USB ports of the display and also for brightness control.

I think brightness control doesn’t work from Apple Silicon Macs, so you may need to use an app like to control brightness from keyboard. You may need to modify a setting to get full brightness: #95 


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