Macbook Air 11″ Mid-2013 w/ CSV-5200?

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I need to connect two external DisplayPort-monitors to my 11″ MBA (Early 2014, A1465, i7-4650U, 8GB memory).

The CSV-5200 seems to be perfect, but I don’t know if it will work.

My Macbook Air has one Thunderbolt 1 port.
Thunderbolt 1 is compatible with DisplayPort 1.1a.
DisplayPort 1.1a is not capable of MST, for which DisplayPort 1.2 is necessary.
Thunderbolt 2 is based on DisplayPort 1.2.

But the Intel i7-4650U HD Graphics 5000 in my MBA should support DisplayPort 1.2 and MST!

Things are even more complicated. I’m running a Linux-based OS on my MBA (which seems to support MST better than OS X).

I found some evidence of people who got multi monitors working on a Thunderbolt 1 device ( vikbez got two monitors working in Windows with Mid-2012 MacBook Pro).

Maybe you could clear things up?
Thank you so much, this is causing headaches..

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0 on 11-09-2015

We know that in the Macbook with Windows OS will work with the MST, Linux we have not tested yet.
The INTEL HD 5K series supports MST up to 3 independent displays and the 6K series will as well. For Mac OS we have found some issues. I tested the MacBook Pro 15″ 2015 and found that the MST 1-3 will not work properly. This is mainly due to the OS and not the MST Hub.
Hope this helps.

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