MacBook Air 2016 and CSV-2301, no image on Photoshop

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3 on 23-09-2017

when I connect the USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Graphics Adapter CSV-2301 to my MacBook Air 2016, I can see the desktop and everything, but when I run Photoshop and open an image, all the image is grey, I can not see anything.
I have an Apple USB-C to DVI adapter and when I connect it to the same monitor by DVI, I can see the images in Photoshop perfectly.
I have installed the drivers DisplayLink SW MAC OS X 10.12-11-10 Version 3.1 suggested in the downloads section of the adapter.

Any Ideas? (It work in Windows 8.1 in another laptop I have)

Thank you in advance

– DisplayPort:

– DVI:

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2 on 25-09-2017

Hello Roberto,

We have heard of more compatibilty issues with new Apple hardware and certainly with the latests version of MAC OS.
Since you stated the CSV-2301 Gprahics Adapter is working fine on a different sytem, I will have [email protected] send you an email with the latest driver for MAC OS 10.13, just released now for Club3D products with Displaylink Chip inside. 

Sorry for the inconvenience

on 15-10-2017

Thank you very much.
After upgrading my Macbook to High Sierra (10.13) and with the 10.13 drivers, everything worked as a charm.

Thank you again.

Best regards

on 16-10-2017

thanks for the feedback and happy to hear you got it working 🙂

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