MacBook Pro 16″ -> CAC-1510 -> DELL U2711 freezing issues

Updated on 17-12-2020 in USB Type C
1 on 08-12-2020

i recently bought the CAC-1510 USB-C to DVI Dual-Link Adapter. I used it to connect my 2019 16″ MacBook to my trusty DELL U2711 QHD Monitor. Everything works fine except: every 10 seconds my screens (Dell aswell as the MBP screen) freeze for less than a second. I mostly notice that the cursor stops moving for a slit second. 

I bought the HDCP-ON version of the adapter as my monitor supports HDCP on all its digital inputs. I already closed all apps on my MB and also rebooted it. Powercycling the monitor also did not help. I tried all four thunderbolt ports on the MBP.

Is it possible that the adapter is faulty? Bought it new from a german onlineshop.


Thanks in advance for any help

admin (can’t believe i could choose this user name)

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0 on 17-12-2020

Hi Admin, ( nice name ;))

Could you send an email to [email protected]

Surely they will help you out with this question.

It does sound like your adapter is faulty but I can’t tell. Have you tried a different cable? Perhaps that solves the issue.

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