MacBook Pro 2016 with CAC-1504 only works on reboot?

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3 on 10-01-2017

Using a 15″ 2016 MacBook Pro and the CAC-1504. If I have the laptop open and plugged in to power, then plug the CAC-1504 (connected via Twisted Veins HDMI cable to a 52″ Samsung TV w/max 1080p@60Hz) into the laptop, nothing happens. Or rather, sometimes the laptop’s screen will change resolution, but nothing appears on the Samsung TV. If I reboot the laptop with the adapter still plugged in, it will pick it up on the reboot and show up on the TV. I then put the laptop in clamshell mode, and everything continues to work just fine. At night I unplug the adapter and the power and take the laptop to bed. In the morning when I put it back, after plugging it in to power, it doesn’t matter if the laptop is still in clamshell mode or is open, but plugging in the CAC-1504 does nothing. Once again, I have to reboot the laptop with the adapter plugged in, in order to get things working and showing up on the TV. This repeats every day. This can’t be how this is designed to work, so what’s going on?

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2 on 12-01-2017

Well, no help here but based on the advice of a reviewer on Amazon, I tried plugging the adapter into my MBP while the TV was off first, then turned it on. That seemed to do the trick, so fortunately I’ve found a way around the need to reboot. It’s still rather disappointing that this adapter doesn’t work if the TV is on.

on 13-01-2017

Sorry for the late reaction.
I have heard similar cases before, but only with Sierra, on El Capitain this did not seem to happen …
Which OS are you running on ?

on 15-01-2017

Yes, I’m on the latest Sierra, 10.12.2.

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