Macbook Pro CSV-5300U Mirroring Issue

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Hey all, i scanned the forums before posting first off. I downloaded the latest drivers for my Macbook Pro for the CSV-5300U from I’m running El Capitan OS (10.11.3). After the install, i rebooted the system and x3 monitors come up (excluding my dedicated). The three monitors that are displayed are through the CSV-5300U. The issue however is that they are all mirrored. My Mac is seeing the CSV-5300U as a single display. I have checked the ‘Arrangement’ tab under display but it is unchecked.

What steps do I need to take to not have the CSV-5300U displays mirrored?


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Hi TWZ, thank you for joining our forum! 
There is no need to download (displaylink) drivers for the MST Hub since there is no Displaylink (video) chip inside. The MST Hub works as a splitter as long as the DisplayPort 1.2 port on the source device supports Multi Stream Transport. No installation of drivers is needed.

Which Macbook Pro version are you using and do you know what Graphics solution is inside?

Macs are often picky eaters when it comes to supporting non Apple technologies. In this situation it may be possible that Multi Stream Transport is not supported and thus the monitors show a mirrored image, which is supported under Single Stream Transport.


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0 on 09-04-2016

Thank you for the reply. My work just special ordered the newest Macbook Pro from Apple.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16GB
   AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB (PCIe)
   Intel Iris Pro 1536MB (Built-in)

I would love to get this to work.

HDMI Port – Display Works
Thunderbolt Connection – Display #1 Works.

Once I connect another display to the chain on the CSV-5300U it mirrors Display #1. Everytime. I don’t see how to fix this. I’ve messed with resolution settings etc. My mirroring button is unchecked.

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0 on 13-04-2016

Hello TWZ,

That is weird ! I know that  MacBooks do support MST Feature and connecting a MST Hub should not be a problem, certainly not for models from mid 2013 onwards.
There is no such thing as driver software for MST Hubs so the setting need to be done on system and/or screens.
Since i am very confident that the Notebook is not the problem, although it could very well be that it only supports 3 screens in total (including its own), so 2 external … (please check). And the MST Hub seems to be working … leaves us the screens. What screens do you use and what cables ?

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