Macbook pro retina mid 2012 is not running 4k@60Hz on a cac-1170. Any Help?

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Hello guys, I’ve just purchased a cac-1170 to run 4k@60Hz on my Macbook pro Retina Mid-2012 in my Samsung 40″ UHD TV UN40KU6000 60Hz. I’ve tried all the procedures with El Captain SIP + Switchresx Custom setting however the status is “NOT ACTIVATED – Invalid? “. PS. I noticed a slight improvement in speed compared to a HDMI port but still @30Hz Max on a Mini Display port. Is it possible to make that working in this macbook pro? Any Help? Cheers

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Hi Victor,

Are you sure your MacBook can output 4K 60Hz over the Mini-DP ouput ?

I think that MiniDisplayport output port is a Thunderbolt (frist generation) port, which uses Displayport 1.1 technology to send Video signals,

And Displayport 1.1 does not support 4k at 60Hz becuase it does nto have enough bandwidth for that. So please check.

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