Mini displayport to HDMI question

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I want to use the mini displayport to HDMI adapter(1170) to connect a hdmi source to a thunderbolt enabled display. So I really want to use it the other way around. Is this possible?. I want to connect my signalgenerator to an LG 4K display for calibration.

I’m asking this because I believe this adapter is meant to connect a thunderbolt source to a HDMI display. And send data from hdmi to thunderbolt.


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2 on 02-10-2016

Hi Dimitri, the cac-1170 is a DP to HDMI converter and not bi directional. So this will not work the other way around. Sorry

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shame, thanks.

any idea what I could use?.

on 05-10-2016

Hi Dimitri,

No at this point no, i thought it would not be all that difficult to make a HDMI2.0 to DP1.2 converter, but aparently i am wrong :-S
Our Product Management is still working on coming up with a solution for this, but it is still to early to come up with a release date or something like that.

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