Minidisplay to HDMI2.0 4k@60hz not working

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3 on 25-08-2017

Hi, i have bought a Mini Displayport 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 UHD Active Adapter to use with my 4k Sony TV and my Macbook Pro 15″ 2014, but the only output i can get out of it is 4k@30hz, the same as the output i get plugging the HDMI cable directly on the PC.
What am i doing wrong?
I thought that my Mac was supported since it has Intel Iris Pro 5200.

Can someone help me to solve this thing?
Thank you so much!

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2 on 28-08-2017

Most Sony TV’s need to be set to “Enhanced Mode” before they support incoming signal of 4K 60Hz over HDMI.
Please make sure to have OS version 10.12.6 loaded.
Sometimes it works best by making a custom resolution with timing standard set to CVT-RB (Reduced Blanking). If teh MAC Version of the Intel Grpahics Driver does not offer such setting, you would need an app like SwitchResX to be able to do that.

on 30-09-2017

so this is how i think i got 3840×2160 at 60hz working. i have extended desktop and my tv is the primary desktop and my laptop with intel hd 4600 is secondary. So tv is 3840×2160 and laptop is 1080p.
i did the custom display thing but where in the intel hd 4600 graphics panel it says scaling i choose the last box that says “centre the picture?”,not the first one that says “keep the scaling”. My sony 65 tv still informs me its 1080p but windows and intel says 3840×2160.

on 03-10-2017

ok well good to hear you got it working 🙂 
thanks for the feedback

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