Monitors connected to CSV-1568 flicker or disconect

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About half a year ago we purchased six CSV-1568 (USB gen 2 type-C) docking stations which we are using on multiple different laptop models (mostly from Lenovo). The docking stations are generally running OK, but we have occasional reports from the users about the following two issues:

1. Screens (that are connected to the docking station) flicker about once a day (screen goes black and then back to normal after about 2 seconds). This is not a huge issue, but it happens very often.

2. Once in a while, one of the multiple connected screens totaly disconnects (no signal from the connector). And it takes a lot of random actions (laptop reboot, USB-C cable disconnect, docking station reboot) to get the picture back on the “temporary disconnected” screen. When there is no picture shown on the screen, Windows does not detect that the screen is connected to the laptop via docking station (even though the physical connections do not change).

With most laptops, we are connecting two screens to the docking station (in most cases we are using 2xDP, but in one case we are using 1xDP and 1xHDMI, but the issues are similar on all different monitor connect situations)

I’m asking if there is a solution for the two problems that are described in the text above.

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0 on 02-03-2023

What resolutions are you trying to achieve? (+hz and color)

Are all the laptops completely up to date? Including the BIOS?

USB power settings are correct? Correct is that Windows can not turn power off the connected USB-C port.

There is only 1 DP on the dock, I assume you meant to say 2 x HDMI and 1x DP+1xHDMI?


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1 on 02-03-2023

Resolution: 1920×1200, Aspect ratio:16:10 (60hz 8 bit color depth)

Laptops are updated trough Windows update and the manufacturers utility software. We have problems on Win10 and Win 11.

We did not change any USB power settings. Can you send more documentation around USB-C port power. Where can i set these setting and what do they need to be set to?

Sorry. Like you said, users are using 2 x HDMI or 1 x DP + 1 x HDMI.

on 02-03-2023

Resolutions fits inside the 16.4Gbps, so that should be ok.

What laptop is it? Does it support DP1.4 or DP1.2 Alt mode?

For USB power go to Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Check each below for power management and un-check the “Allow the computer (…)”


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1 on 03-04-2023

The problems described above are still present and I encountered a new problem.

A few minutes after I start the computer, the monitors connected to the dock go black, but windows sill thinks they are connected. I can check that in “display preferences” in windows options as shown on the picture.

Screen 1 is the laptops screen, Screen 3 is a monitor connected directly to the laptop with HDMI cable. Screen 3 is connected to the laptop through the dock. When te screen on the 3 monitor goes black, the icons on that screen don’t move.

The problem is present on multiple laptops of the same model Lenovo ThinkPad L14 G3 (Intel version).  

on 04-04-2023

I solved this problem by installing newer graphic driver for the integrated graphics on the processor.

The processor in my case was Intel 1255U so i installed Intel Graphics Driver from the URL below:

I selected a clean install and after a computer restart, everything works perfectly.

I’ll let you know if this solves the original problems too. 

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