mst (csv-5300h) compatability with gtx 1080 card?

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I bought 2 units of 3 hdmi output mts hub  today.  They dont work with asus  gtx 1080 card. Only 1 monitor works with flickers.

Hubs works on older amd cards but i need them work on gtx cards . Is there any solution ?

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my systems are
Asus gtx 1080 , 
Ryzen 7 1800X
Asus b350 plus m.board
windows  10  64 bit 

The plan is work 2 computer as 1 , 6 outputs with 2 control monitors for stage projection.

I’ve to work with resolume , which is works with great with gtx cards , not great with amd cards..  

on 03-10-2017

Good day sencan,
Most recent Graphics Cards do support 6 Screens. Normally 4 of those you could connect direct to the Card and for 6 screen supprot you would need to make use of an MST Hub.
Since Your card has 2 DP1.2 outputs, you should be able to make use of 2 x CSV-5300H and connect 6 screens to that.
Since an MST Hub is an active device please make sure to use passive cables / adapters to connect the screens to the Hub.
Connect screens 1 by 1 and check if resolutions / frequency is set to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz before connecting the next.

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