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I have a 2gb AMD Fireporo W500 that is listed as Displayport 1.2 . Would this work with a CSV-5300H – MST 1-3 HDMI Hub( listed as 1.2a)? Or do i need to purchase the CSV-5300 – MST 1-3 DP Hub(listed as 1.2)? I am connecting the device to sever large TV’s via HDMI and would rather not have to daisy chain the connectors from Diplay port to HDMI.

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Hi drprince,

Welcome to Insights!
I think you probably mean the W5000. I have not tested yet this model but I have tested in the past the W7000 and it works without issues. If your choice is HDMI you can purchase the CSV-5300H. 
Here is a test I have done myself on the W7000 back in Oct 2013 with the CSV-5300. The main difference between these two is that the first model we use the Synaptics chipset and in the new version we use the STDP 4320, which has support for the new DisplayPort 1.2a standard and also better signal over long distance.
Find my video review here on the W7000 and the MST Hub CSV-5300
Note that even on the W5000 has only 2 DP ports, you can use two hubs to provide in total 6 outputs by using two MST Hubs. Also you can use our CSV-5400 DisplayPort 1-4 to come with the same amount of supported diplays (4x on the MST Hub “max 1080p), 1x DP native and 1x DVI.
If you have further questions please let me know.

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Thank You for your quick response, were going to go ahead and pick up two of the CSV-5300H.

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You are welcome. Please note that Radeon™ and FirePro™ are capable of a maximum of 6 displays only. If you do not have enough outputs the MST Hub does the trick. Some people believe that by placing several mst hubs on several DisplayPort outputs will gain more but unfortunately is capped at 6.

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