MST-Hub CSV-5300A not working correctly

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I’ve just received my MST-hub 3x displayport to use in my new set up of three 27 inch Asus Rog swift 2560 by 1440 monitors.  I shut down my PC and plugged in the MST-Hub along with my new monitors.  When I started my PC all the monitors just flashed my desktop image and display a no signal alert in between the flashing.  I use two GTX 780 ti in sli for graphics card.

Has this been an issues for any one else and are there any solutions?  I want to use the MST-hub because my video cards have only two displayports  and the three new monitors only use displayport.  I could use adapters to Frankenstein it together and not use the MST-hub but that would look disgusting.

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Hi Shadow,
I think the problem is the driver that is not seeing the displays properly.
Please plug first through one DP port (native on the vga card) a single display and the other two on the MST hub. Once you boot up the first screen you should see the native port, the other two if you do not see them press the scan button or enable them under display properties. 
Once the screens are visible set one of the displays as your primary display on the MST Hub and then you can proceed to unplug the native DP port cable and place it on the MST.
Check if that works for you.
Also is good to drain your system power before you proceed to set your MST Hub, this is by unplugging your main power cable, press the power button for a few seconds.
Kind regards

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