MST-Hub CSV-5400 – Screens black and flickering issue

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Hey there,

so the setup is the following:
– Around 10 PC’s with this setup running: Windows 8.1 Pro, Newest Catalyst Pro 15.201
– All PC’s have a ATI FirePro W8100 and <a href="”>SyncBoard S400 installed
4xDisplayPort 1.2 MST Hub (CSV-5400) with 4 screens on the Hub and 2 screens directly on the graphics card
– So all together we have 6 Displays running @ 1920×1080 / 50Hz – combined to one Display Group of 3840 x 3240 on each PC

The issue we can see on several PC’s is that the screens connected to the MST Hub stay black randomly on PC startup. The only way we found to resolve the issue, was to reboot (still random) or sometimes reconnecting the power supply of the MST Hub helps to get them running again. We also tried to connect only 3 Screens to the MST Hub, but the issue still occured randomly.
Is this a known issue or does somebody know a permanent solution?

Thanks alot




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0 on 30-03-2016

Good day Timbersynk,

Which screens are you using ?
If possible please disable ECO Mode on the screens.

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1 on 30-03-2016

Hey ! Thanks for your reply. The displays are :
Panasonics TH-55LFV6W LCD Full HD, 55” 

I will check the ECO Mode setting directly if I can, in a few hours. I guess its disabled, but i will check again


on 31-03-2016

is there a particular reason why you choose to run the screens in 50Hz ?
is there a difference when you choose 60Hz (both card and screens should be able to do that) ?

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So i checked and all power saving options are disabled. 

About the 50Hz: We do playback 50Hz Video Content. For sync reasons and smooth playback we run the screens at 50Hz. To do so emulate each adapter with and EDID of 1920x1080p50 in the Catalyst Control Center EDID Settings. 

But i have to say that the problem occured with 60Hz as well.

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