MST hubs and CEC support

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3 on 19-10-2021

According to: 

"support for CEC in MST scenarios was added to DisplayPort 2.0, Errata 5"

I would like to purchase such an MST hub for testing, are any available from Club3D?
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2 on 19-10-2021

DisplayPort 2.0 products won’t exist until next year?

Well, there exist some cables in that claim to be for DisplayPort 2.0. I don’t know if any of them are certified.


on 23-10-2021

I understand full DisplayPort 2.0 products won’t be on the market for a while, but it might be possible to implement the feature I’m looking for (CEC) in the firmware of existing MST hub products, STDP4320 chipset is used in some Club3D DP 1.2A products for example.

The use case is creating a video wall using PC graphics card and MST hub.  This is even more urgent now, since Covid-19 has made $500 video cards sell for $2500 USD, a 5x increase!

I forgot to mention, it is the control of the TV power ON/OFF and input source via CEC, which would otherwise require purchse of 3 pluse8 CEC to USB dongles, that I am interesting in seeing work with Club3D MST hubs.

on 23-10-2021

Also forgot to mention, the 6 output video cards are the expensive ones, but 3 output cards with a MST hub are a cost effective alternative.

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