Multi-channel audio not working with DisplayPort to HDMI adapter

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Hi, I recently purchased your CAC-1080 DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b adapter. I am using it with the following setup:

  • Gaming PC with 2 NVIDIA GTX 1080s running Windows 10
  • Pioneer VSX-LX301 Receiver


The adapter is connected to the DisplayPort output on the first GTX 1080. An HDMI cable connects the adapter to one of the inputs on the Pioneer receiver, and finally the Pioneer receiver sends video to the LG TV via its HDMI output.   My problem is this: I cannot get multi-channel audio to work through your adapter. The Windows 10 audio control panel shows it as only supporting 2-channel sound, and nothing I’ve done seems to change this. I’ve tried going through the “configure speakers” steps from the control panel, but still Windows will not even give me the option of configuring a multi-channel setup. Only stereo.   Keeping everything in my setup the same, but plugging the HDMI cable from my receiver into the GTX 1080’s native HDMI port, instead of the adapter, gives me multi-channel audio as expected. So I can only conclude the issue is with the adapter.   Thanks for your help

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Hello AdamJames,

thanks for your question, could you send an email to [email protected] so they can supply you with a firmware update for the CAC-1080.


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