My CAC-1080 doesn’t work with [email protected] with R290

Updated on 22-10-2020 in R9 290 Series
1 on 22-10-2020

Hi there,

first off – the relevant specs:

GPU: R290 (current drivers)
Monitor: AOC U3277WB

My CAC-1080 does not work with [email protected]
It once worked with [email protected] (didn’t go higher than 29hz). Now I’m stuck at FHD.

Driver re-installation (with DDU) didn’t help.

My other CAC-1080 works at [email protected] with a Quadro G1000M. It only works at 30hz with the R290.

What can I do?



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0 on 22-10-2020

By the way: If I use the adapter in question for my notebook (with the Quadro GPU) the monitor stays black.

Still have some weeks of warranty, so please help!

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