My CSV-1477 cannot produce 4K60p signal but 4K30p …

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My CSV-1477 can achieve the refresh rate of 30 Hz @ 3840×2160 (DELL UP2414q), but I cannot select the refresh rate of 60 Hz.
I found the above phenomenon in my notebook (on-board graphic), first, and also found in my desktop PC (MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 8GB).

Though my desktop PC usually works with two 4K monitors (dual UP2414q via DisplayPort cables) at 60 Hz with GeForce GTX 1070, it cannot do the same thing via CSV-1477.
(So I suppose that the cables and the monitors are ready for 4K60p.)

USB connection seems to be successfully established because the output signal itself is produced (at 30 Hz).

I suspect that the problem comes from the device failure.

If any one has a similar experience or knows the solution, please post some comments here.

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the problem might be with your dell monitor, it has a built in mst-hub that is enabled by default this could mean there is not enough bandwith to do 4K60hz . could you disable this feature on the monitor itself and try if you can get 4K60hz.

see manual on how to turn the MST feature off


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