My RTX 3090 HDMI port broke

4 on 30-01-2022

My RTX 3090 HDMI port broke, can i use this product to create another hdmi 2.1 port? Its “DisplayPort 1.4a” on the card

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3 on 31-01-2022

Oof imagine you would not RMA the card at these days.

The CAC-1085, creates a HDMI 4K120Hz port. Be aware it does not support G-Sync/Free Sync.

on 31-01-2022

got from ebay

on 01-02-2022

Does ANY displayport to hdmi support G-Sync/Free Sync?

on 02-02-2022

Unfortunatly no, there is no DP to HDMI that supports Gsync/Freesync.

But can the 3090 pump over 120 FPS at 4K in gaming? If not then you don’t need Gsync right? At lower resolution pretty sure it goes well over.

Did you not get a reciept from the Ebayer? Pretty sure you can still RMA it then? Cards aren’t out for that long should have some waranty left , then again it might have been used for mining. I don’t know, sorry.

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