New CAC-1085 not working :(

7 on 07-03-2023

So this is my setup:
RTX 4090 -> CAC-1085 -> Optical 10m HDMI 2.1 -> Denon Receiver -> SONY XH900

The PC recognizes the Receiver but there is no signal output.. Any ideas?

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5 on 08-03-2023

The CAC-1085 doesn’t work with AOC cables unfortunatly. According to the site of club 3d the max is 2 meters. But I think you can stretch it to 3 meters. Just make sure you don’t use optical cables with it.

on 08-03-2023

Too bad, my TV next toom ris 6-7 meters away.. guess I’ll have to find another solution

on 08-03-2023

and what about direct from 4090 into the Reciever with the AOC cable?

on 08-03-2023

Thats the main reason why I am on the search for an adapter. I have a modern Sony TV and NVIDIA is not providing the correct HDMI drivers for Sony TVs anymore. Therefore I have to use “GAME” Mode in VRR mode on the TV..that is the only way I get a picture on the TV.. But only 8bit, no local dimming, no picture adjustments. So the picture does not look good.

But I read from other users which have the same problem that some DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 adapters work

on 08-03-2023

I dont’t think that is an NVIDIA problem. Read this:
And then the CONS.

Is your TV’s firmware up to date? And what happens with directly into the TV wihout the adapter and receiver?

Sometimes it help to factory reset the TV and then do a full update.

on 08-03-2023

Hmm could be Sonys fault that’s true, but my 1080ti had no problems via HDMI, my 4090 does.
Here’s also someone with the same problem as me:

Yes its the same problem when plugged in directly to the TV. Regardless of the HDMI Port and HDMI input mode.

TV is up to date as of the last Update in December.

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