Nivida surround PhysX doesnt work with MST HUB 3X

Updated on 09-01-2018 in MST Hub
1 on 07-01-2018


I installed the mst 3x hub. I used the displayport to connect the mst hub to my pc and have connected my 3 monitors with the 3 displayports on the mst hub.

Now its not possible to select and configure the surround physX mode anymore. When I start a game to race it starts in the single screen mode.

I searched the internet but couldnt find an answer to this. It would be great if you can help me!

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0 on 09-01-2018

Good day BIonic,

Sorry to hear this.
So your system does see the 3 screens connected to the MST Hub ?

What system you have (CPU, OS)?
What Graphics Card you have?
WHich Grpahics Driver you have installed?
What screens are you using and in which resolution?

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