No boot and black screen with spinning dots when CSV-7300 is connected.

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I’m struggling to get Windows to boot with the CSV-7300 connected to my 6900 XT.

It gets past the BIOS and the Windows logo with the spinning dots, but after that all the displays wakes up and all I get is black screens with the primary display showing a circle of white spinning dots.

If I disconnect the MST hub then it jumps to the login screen after a couple of seconds and I can plug in the MST hub again and use all my displays. 3 on the MST hub and one on the GPU using HDMI.

Safe mode boots just fine with all 4 displays working.

The system log has no events that indicates there’s any problems.

I attempted to look for a fix for the spinning dots and found nothing that worked for me. Some people suggested it might be driver related so maybe this should go to AMD instead of Club 3D?

Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1151

Radeon Software 21.7.2

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950X

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming

GPU: Asus ROG Strix LC RX6900XT O16G Gaming

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1 on 05-08-2021

When connecting the MST Hub for the first time – could you please try to connect one display at a time so that the system recognizes the displays and resolutions via the MST Hub and then restart the PC? Do you have the same issue? 

on 06-08-2021

With my frustration I didn’t even consider doing this. After a lot of back and forth it appears that the culprit was my Dell U2419H. It had the built in MST hub enabled as the monitor supports daisy chaining. Turning off the MST feature on the display has everything booting perfectly again.

Thank you.

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1 on 07-08-2021

MST hubs are daisy-chainable (you can connect a MST Hub to another MST Hub) so you shouldn’t have to disable the MST feature. That seems like a bug with the AMD driver or Windows. But you said it works if the MST Hub is not connected during startup but connected later. That could make it a difficult bug to solve (or at least reduce AMD’s motivation to fix it).

on 08-08-2021

I had to try and I was able to daisy chain a display through the Dell monitor through the MST hub, but only after Windows had started.

I am just as confused why keeping the MST feature enabled without daisy chaining anything through the display would cause Windows to stop.

As I don’t need the feature I won’t be using it, but I will report it to AMD in case it can and they want to fix it.

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