NO SIGNAL CAC-1170 MacBook Pro 15 Mid 2014 without external graphic card

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just bought the CAC-1170 for my MacBook Pro 15 Mid 2014 (without external graphic card).
MacBook Pro -> UHD TV -> works with 4K ( 3840 x 2160 with 30Hz).
MacBook Pro -> CAC-1170 -> UHD TV -> NO SIGNAL
If I use CAC-1170 on Mini DisplayPort I do not receive any signal on TV. Mac recognize a TV, but the screen is black.
If I use the default HDMI Port, I can see 4K with 30Hz.

Does anyone has the same problem and has already fixed it?

best regards
David Lee

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Using El Capitan 
REV.: A3-00
FW: V7.26

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Here’s a bump for your thread, plus what I learned: 

0) disable csr on your mac as shown here:
1) Install switchresx (
2) make a custom resolution like shown here:
3) save, reboot, fire up the switchresx daemon if not running already
4) choose the custom resolution you created from the menu. Done.

Hope that helps, now here’s my fairly similar info, so I am jumping into this thread:

Source: Mid-2015 Macbook Pro Retina, Intel Iris Pro integrated graphics (HD 5200). El Capitan.
Adapter: Club3d CAC-1170, REV: A2-00, FW: V7.23, 1615
Target: Samsung UE49KU6172 UHD TV

1) on the tv: “HDMI UHD Color -> on”
2) on the laptop: used switchresx (what a mess with csr, dammit apple…)

1) UHD@50 works. I think I verified it’s truly 50Hz (ufotest), not so sure about chroma 4:4:4. Can someone link an image I am supposed to open and read what’s up?
2) UHD@60 does not work, I get this: (blank screen with a 1cm tearing strip on top, and that’s it). Did anyone see anything like this?

Now, this link claims both uhd@50 and uhd@60 use the same amount of bandwidth (nearly 18Gbps). If that is true, that vindicates my cable, because uhd@50 works. There’s no point in getting a shorter cable? Or another cable?

I also think adapter works as  advertized, because uhd@50 works, and the tv is recognized by macos, I can use tv’s sound output etc..


1) How do I force/check/verify 8 bit color depth in El Capitan / switchresx ? Seems it’s fixed to ‘millions of colours”.
2) Dunno what to do here, fam.. Any ideas?

PS – the tv manual says:
1) its native resolution is uhd@60
) It mentions the clock rate to be 594 MHz, and horizontal rate to be 112.5 KHz for uhd@50, and 135 KHz for uhd@60. I can’t get those figures in switchresx, figures change on their own as I move down the form..

OK, there’s a shot, maybe someone can help. Thanks!

on 10-11-2016

Success! For future reference: 

On the Samsung UE49KU6172 TV:
1 – HDMI cable goes into the HDMI1/DVI port
2 – Select HDMI1/DVI in Sources, then up arrow > edit > switch over to PC
3 – In Settings turn on “HDMI UHD COLOR” and make “Picture Mode” to be “Dynamic” as opposed to “Standard”.

As for the mac, all you need is the [latest] SwitchResX and a custom resolution like this:

What kept me back: 
1 – At first I installed some old version of switchresx, when I removed it all sorts of files remained put, and tampered with later testing. I removed every last file which mentions switchresx and now a fresh install actually works.
2 – The Settings menu doesn’t let you rename ports, I actually had to read the manual (gasps) to see it exists, and how it’s done
3 – Switching Picture mode to Dynamic was the final step to success, and it was a random effort 🙂 

Hope this helps, bye everyone 🙂 

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