Not Working displayport to hdmi adapter

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i purchase a display to hdmi adapter for my nvidia geforce gtx760 graficcard. I put it into the dp slot and i use a hdmi connection cable with the 2.0 standard.
I can set the highest resolution to 3840×2160 but only in 30hz.
but it doesn`t work in 60hz . i can`t set it to 60hz, only 30hz

what can i do?

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0 on 20-10-2016

What system do you use ?
What Operating system do you use ?
What Graphics card is inside ?

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1 on 20-10-2016

Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GeForce gtx760 with the latest software

I can only choose up to 3840 x 2160 in 30Hz

Maybe THW Adapter doesnt work?
Isnt it Plug and Play? Or i have to install a software for a Right work?

Thank you

on 20-10-2016

the adapter itself is plug & play, however you might need to do settings on you PC System and/or TV or Screen.
For use with TV it normally works best to make a custom resolution in the Grpahcis Driver for 3840x2160p at 60Hz with Timing Standard set to CVT-Redeuced Blanking (RB). For use with Monitor the Timing Standard can remain at Automatic.

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