Oculus Rift and DisplayPort to 3xHDMI adapter

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2 on 24-10-2016

I purchased a DisplayPort to 3x HDMI adapter to connect my Oculus Rift to a Windows10 computer with M6000 graphics cards.  I have a simple DisplayPort to HDMI cable converter, which allows the Rift’s software to detect the Rift, but not send a signal to the Rift and someone recommended the Club3D product as a solution.  However, when I plug the Rift into the Club3D adapter, the software cannot detect that the Rift is connected to the computer.  Any suggestion for possible solutions?

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1 on 27-10-2016

You mean you have a CSV-5300H Displayport MST HUB ?
If it is just to connect your Oculus rift, i would suggest to use a CAC-1070 = Displayport to HDMI2.0 Active adapter that can also do 120Hz up to 1080 p
What resolution is your Oculus Rift running on ?

on 27-10-2016

Thanks for the suggestion!  It turns out the problem I outlined above seems to be a defective CSV-5300H because I cannot get it to connect to a normal display.

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