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9 on 16-11-2017

Hello everyone,

the last 3-4 months I am facing a problem with my GPU and it really annoys me. While try to run a game/ playback a movie , even turn on my PC on username/pass screen , I get a screen with fancy stripes, or colors, flashing very fast or just being constant. after than I have to hard turn off PC but some times I also get a BSOD that states that there was a problem with “atikdag.sys” or some times the problem is “video TDR Failure”. At first when it appears it was happening only once , twice per month so  I didnt give it much of attention but the last 1 month it happens everyday many times. I think the issue is related with hardware acceleration because it happens every time GPU has to accelerate( while entering a game, try to play a video playback or load the windows interface when I turn on my PC).

I will make a list of what I have tried so far to fix(and failed) the issue

Hardware changes:
I have changed my CPU, RAM, PSU, Motherboard
I have tried different connection type from GPU to Monitor( HDMI, DVI), in case it was cable problem
I have tried a different Monitor

Hardware I haven’t changed: HDD, SSD, Mouse, Keyboard

Software changes:
I have uninstalled drivers using DDU for clean uninstalling and installed them again
I have uninstalled AMD’s Catalyst Control Center
I have tried to under-clock/overclock my GPU in case it doesn’t get/ get much voltage from PSU
I have tried to fix atikdag.sys file using EXPAND.EXE
I have tried to update my GPU BIOS but I already had the latest so I haven’t
I have updated all drivers of my system
I have updated windows 10 to the latest updates

Operation System
I am using win 10 and linux Ubuntu dual boot

What I’ve concluded so far: All above haven’t fix my issues.

  • When I slightly overclocked the issue appeared even more frequently, but I cant be sure about that because I haven’t test it for long time.
  • The issue isn’t game related or software related. I mean it happens with Rust, CSGO and every other game i have tried.
  • It never happened on Linux. But  I haven’t run a game there. Just movies. That might mean that the problem is OS or driver related.

This is my last attempt to fix this problem. If I will not find a solution  I am going to buy a new GPU

thanks in advance


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8 on 16-11-2017

some screens of my problem

on 20-11-2017

Did you check on the temperature of the card when error occurs ?
Cooling paste in between the GPU and cooler can dry up over time and transfer heat less well, in which case it could help to replaced by new cooling paste.
Did you try an older AMD driver from before all those versions came out with optimalisation for RX series ? To make sure it is not a driver issue please try an older driver from before RX sereis came out, I know 16.8.3 was a good driver that worked very well for HD series …

on 20-11-2017

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer to my problem. I forgot to mention that I changed already the thermal paste. The temperature during the crashes are normal. Its never more than 70. I have tried previous drivers already but I think I haven’t tried one that is so old like the one you have mentioned. I will check him out when I will reach home. By the way do you know where I can find such an old driver?

on 20-11-2017

Hi aggeloskout,

Yes here is a link to an overveiw for AMD Drivers from NOV 2016 until now:

on 21-11-2017

thanks I will try it for some days and i will come back with feedback

on 21-11-2017

unfortunately the problem is back 🙁

on 21-11-2017

Flashes and stripes can be caused by many things, BSOD is amost always either software or memory issue. I think you already excluded software by now, so that would leave memory. 
It could be system memory. If you have different memory modules in your system i sugggest you to just run your system on 1 and see if the problem is gone and then the other … of that is not it, then the chance that it is the memory of your pgraphics card is very big and that would not be good at all.

on 21-11-2017

Hey thanks for the answer. I am using the last month a completely different system(MOBO,CPU,RAM) from the one that I had when the problem first appeared. That means that RAM isnt an issue since I tried two completely different pairs of RAM in two different motherboard.

the first pair was:Crucial DDR3 RAM 8GB 2×4
the second and current: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB 2×4

so I guess its the memory of the GPU.

I hope there are some good offers on GPU this black friday 😛

on 22-11-2017

Sorry for the inconvenience

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