Question for CSV-5400 operation temperature?

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Dear Sir,

I was interested in CSV-5400.
But I can’t find the  operation temperature data in the data sheet or website.
Please help to advise it.

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Good day Steven,

From the technical document:

Temperature Ranges:

Operating Temperature (Independent of altitude)   0°C to 40°C [41 to 95°F].

Non-Operating Temperature (Independent of altitude) -20°C to 60°C [-4 to 140°F].

Thermal Shock:

Per ANSI/EIA-364-32, Condition 1, 10 cycles of the following conditions are applied:

  1. -55°C for 30min
  2. +85°C for 30min


4 cycles totaling 96 hours of 25°C to 85°C, at 80% to 90% RH are applied. 

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