R9 280X 6 monitor setup possible? If so which hub?

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Running Windows 8.1


3 Asus VN248H-P (1920×1080) monitors each with an HDMI and VGA input
1 Asus PB298Q (2560×1080) with DisplayPort, HDMI and Dual-link DVI-D inputs


Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X
Outputs: DisplayPort, HDMI, Dual-Link DVI-I, Dual-Link DVI-I
The monitors are currently connected as such.
1. VGA cable to VGA/DVI adapter to GPU DVI-D output.
2. HDMI cable to GPU HDMI output.
3. HDMI/DVI cable to DVI-I output.
Asus PB298Q
4. DisplayPort cable to DisplayPort GPU output.

I can get 2 of the 248s to run together with the UltraWide. Independently all 3 of the 248s are capable of displaying a desktop in their current connections.

When trying to extend to the 3rd display you get the dreaded must disconnect a display message. Is the issue the VGA adapter? Would single-link vs. dual-link on the HDMI to DVI cable have any affect?

If I purchase a MST hub such as the CSV-5300H to split my DisplayPort output into 3 HDMI signals and plug the 3 VN248H-Ps into that using HDMI cables then connected my fourth monitor via either of the remaining ports on my GPU would that work?

If I was to purchase a CSV-5400 and add another VN248H-P to the 4th port would I then be able to plug my Ultrawide and a theoretical 6th monitor into the HDMI and 2 open DVI ports on the GPU? Obviously I will be purchasing corresponding connecting DP=> HDMI cables if going this route.

Been looking for some clarification on some of these things for a few days now with out really getting any concrete information. In my searching it seems that the GPUs with the DP, HDMI, DVI-I, and DVI-D ouput setup have a much harder time getting multi-monitor setups functional and I have not come across anyone running a six monitor setup like I’ve described in the last scenario here.

I’m very interested in one of the hubs as I am not necessarily tied to my current GPU and having a hub would certainly give me a lot of flexibility when it comes to purchasing an upgrade in the future or just using different monitor combinations.

I’ve scoured most of the forum threads here and I have the utmost confidence that Paul will be able to get me pointed in the right direction.


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Thank you for contacting us here.
Yes, if you use the CSV-5300H to connect the 3 HDMI displays will work without issues on the DP port. You just need to use the remaining ports HDMI and 2x DVI to connect the other displays to have a total of 6 displays.
If you choose to buy the CSV-5400 you will require to have DP to HDMI adapters to connect to the ASUS VN248H-P, therefore I think this is not the best option for you. If you do, then you can use 4x at 1080p on the MST Hub plus 2 more of your choice from the graphics card outputs.
You will have no problems doing a 6 display setup on the graphics card you have. Please note that I do not have experience on Sapphire graphics card but I am positive they use the reference design as ours.
The Hub will work on Windows based Tablets, on Intel NUC and also any GPU that has a DP 1.2 spec port.

Here are some videos for your reference
DUAL CSV-5300 on a HD 7870. AMD GPU’s have 6 pipelines so if you have DP ports and a MST Hub you can configure up to six displays
CSV-5300 on a R9 290X. This is a similar configuration on your graphics card. I use 2x DVI ports, HDMI and a MST Hub which makes a total of 6 displays.
CSV-5300 with Surface 2. You can use this on tablets as well.
If you have further questions please let me know.

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1 on 25-04-2015

Ok I guess the part I’m confused about is that I am unable to run three displays at the moment just using the HDMI and DVI outputs. Why would this change just because I already have 3 running thru the MST Hub? That is the reason I inquired about the CSV-5400 is that I thought I would still be limited by the HDMI and DVI ports to only 2 more displays thus needing to run 4 thru the MST in order to get a final total of 6. I guess I have not done my due diligence since I still have not tried a second HDMI to DVI cable eliminating the VGA cable and adapter from the issue.

Any reason there is not a CSV-5400H yet?

on 26-04-2015

The only cards that can run 3 displays without using the displayport are the 260x,285 and 290 series. The mst hub acts as an active adapter and that is why you can use the remaining ports on the graphic card. Why we don’t have a 4 Hdmi port hub? Hdmi port has a royalty fee and it can make the product quite expensive. Also as dp displays will became more common and also work at 10 bit it will became more popular over time. Note that all mst hubs are dp 1.2a spec, this will make it very useful for adaptive sync displays for gaming design etc

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2 on 25-04-2015

If I was able to get a CSV-5400 and the necessary DisplayPort to HDMI cables for less than I could get a CSV-5300H am I wrong in assuming I am taking the same route, but just for less money?

Sorry for all the questions, but you seem to be the only reliable source of information on most of this stuff. Thank you once again.

on 31-05-2015

Well in order to use the CSV-5400 for HDMI monitors you will need DipslayPort to HDMI Active Adapters. Key word is ACTIVE. So i don’t think that you will spend less money.

Now the CSV-5300H is at least $40 more expensive than CSV-5300 because he is a CSV-5300 + 3 Active Adapters.

on 31-05-2015

The MST Hub acts as an active adapter so you won’t need active adapters. The downside by buying the CSV-5400 to run HDMI displays is to buy adapters if you plan to use only HDMI displays.

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