R9 290 Royal Ace displayport intermittent black screens and firmware

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2 on 14-10-2017

Finally decided to get a 144hz freesync monitor and there’s an issue with intermittent black screens and graphical distortion (can be noticed a split second after black screen goes away. Like artifacting on a bad OC) when running games. Windows enviroment is fine, but when ever i start a game and the gpu is stressed the intermittent blackouts (lasts for 1-2seconds) start. For what I’ve read this seems to be a common issue with AMD gpu users that utilize the displayport.

So I was wondering if there’s an updated firmware I could try out for the card in question? Mine has Device ID 1002-67B1 – 1787 2343.

Seems like it could have something to do with power delivery for the displayport control chip or port or something along those lines that perhaps corrupt the DP signal for a moment. Occurrence of this issue can be drastically lessened by switching from dp1.2 mode to dp1.1 and taking down the refresh rate to say 100hz. Other users also report that it does not happen on DVI and HDMI.

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1 on 14-10-2017

Example of an ordinary occurance:
I fire up Playerunknown Battlegrounds.. during the intro screens there’s a lot of blackouts.. then it kind of stabilizes in the menu.. seems to be gone when players get spawned on the loading area, but starts again when players are flown to the playarea.. And stops after I exit the plane. Flight part has always been one of the more demanding parts of the game fpswise. Then I usually finish playing the round without further black screens.

on 16-10-2017

Hi Kaikox,

Please send a picture of th backside of your card to [email protected]
On the back should be stickers with Item-Code, Serial NR. and Production nr.
Wel need those to detemine which Firmware is best suited for your card.

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