R9 black screen crash

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I bought the R9 290 royalAce a while back about 1 year ago so for a few months now i have started to get a issue with the card that it black screen crashes while not having heavy load on the GPU. So i have tried searching for the problem by checking trough all my current parts and the only logical left is that the GPU is faulty. I have tried having other GPUs in the computer and they work fine after a fresh OS install but the R9 just wont work with the current specs or on my other computer i have the latest BIOS on both of my motherboards.

Current specs:
Amd Fx-8350
Asus crosshair v formula z motherboard
R9 290 royalAce
HyperX ddr3 8gb kit
hyperX 250GB ssd + seagate 1tb hdd
seasonic 860W 80 plus platinum psu

other PC specs:
Intel i7-6850k
x99-delux 2 motherboard
hyperX 16gb ddr4
Seasonic x-1250 80 plus gold PSU
hyperX 250Gb SSD
and the R9 290 royalace

It crashed the same way on both rigs i tried even at a friends place to test that it was not faulty electricity either. I have never overclocked the GPU or CPU in either of the rigs and tried using never and older windows and GPU drivers on both computers.

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