RAdeon R9 problem with the latest AMD driver (memory clock)

Updated on 22-07-2023 in R9 290 Series
11 on 06-02-2018

hi!! Correct me if i’m wrong but does the memory clock of my radeon r9 are 1250Mhz???  Installing the new AMD driver with there new WATTMAN overdrive software, it put the memory clock at 1350Mhz and we can’t adjust a lower memory clock like the old amd crimson Drivers. My screen goes black after 3 4 minutes of browsing!!   For now, i can only revert back to the latest 2016 crimson driver to put back the memory clock at 1250Mhx.. THe old driver still put the memory clock at 1350Mhx but i can reduce it to 1250

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8 on 06-02-2018

Good day fortress66,
What graphics card do you have ?
on the backside of the card should be some stockers and one of them will have the Item Code,
shoul dbe something like “CGAX-R9298” …

on 06-02-2018

its a radeon r9 290 royalace poker serie   cgax r9298s0

on 07-02-2018

Hi Fortress66,
The default memory speed for the CGAX-R9298SO is actually 1350 MHz.
If your screen turns black after a few minutes, it is most probably due to temperature getting too high. Please check temperature of the Card.
Sometimes it will help to replace the Cooling Paste in between the GPU/Card and the Cooler/Heatsink. Over time that cooling paste can dry out and therfor work less efficient.
With regards to the option that the AMD driver will (or not) give you i really cannot help you. For that you would need to contact AMD.

on 07-02-2018

hi!  Even when the fan is running at  max speed to cooldown the card,  the same thing happen. I mean, i did see a temp getting between 35 42 C. its not too high, and like i said, it just freeze after 3 4 min of browsing.

on 07-02-2018

When i search over google for the card specs. I keep seeing 1250Mhx for the memory clock ?!?

on 07-02-2018

that is indeed not a good sign.
And when you clock down the memory it is ok, exept you cannot do that anymore with new drivers ? Did i get that correct ?

on 07-02-2018

exactly, its been l ike that since i purchased the card. I was sure it was 1250Mhz and that  amd driver was the problem but since i could put the memory clock to 1250, i didnt bother with it. With the latest amd driver, we can’t lower the memory clock.

on 08-02-2018

did you try doing that with AMD Overdrive software ?

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